About us

In 1987 Kjeld Krüger was asked to guide Pieter van Hoven and his friends on the farm Kliphoek in the Waterberg. Pieter, the founder of COMAIR, was at the time the President of SATOUR. Pieter informed him that by the year 2000, they expect the tourism industry to surpass the mining industry as a generator of foreign income.  To date, tourism hasn’t accomplished that. In the late 1990’s, the major share of all tourist guiding inside South Africa, was done by foreign tour guides, with the excuse that South African tourist guides are not up to standard.

Globally, tourism is the fastest growing industry. South Africa is a country with tremendous potential  from a tourism viewpoint – it has probably the most diverse natural and cultural heritage in the world. We need to start doing things differently!

There is a strong sentiment within the major role players in the tourism industry, like SANParks, the Heritage Foundation, CATHSSETA as well as Department of Tourism, that a better quality tourist guide is needed in the tourism industry.

Tourist guides, be it culture guides and or nature guides, form the first line-of-contact with the touring guests. It is critically important that this first line of contact to be sound and positive. If this is lacking, the whole tourism experience is affected!

Up to now, the vast majority of FET institutions offering tourism in their programs, subcontract culture- and nature guiding training to be done by outside training providers, with their main criteria -  the cost of such training. To these institutions, the training of guides is just another component in their tourism qualification offering. Whilst we continue to do this, we are not going to change the quality of our tourist guides.

If we continue to do what we do, the way we normally do it, we will get what we have always got!   Joel Osteen -

Our tourist guiding training stands on five pillars, namely:

1.       Accredited Tourist Guiding Training 

2.       Guiding Support

3.       Personal Development

4.       Specialized Tourism

5.       Business Skills

The first pillar, is basically the total package required for a tourist guide by CATHSSETA, in order to guide without any limitation. We feel it is the basic minimum, and in our own training programs we have developed for these accredited qualifications we have added a lot more meat on the bone.

The full complement of training offered by Tour Guiding Leadership in the other 4 pillars, differentiate us completely from ANY other tourist guiding training institution, and it will provide you with ALL the ingredients which will help you to develop into a top tourist guides and tourism entrepreneurs, who will in future be leaders in the industry.  

Over a period of only 18 months you could have the opportunity to make all these skills your own -  embedded knowledge and practical application that was born out of 30 years practical experience in the guiding industry, and build it into your portfolio! You don’t need to re-invent the wheel! 

Accredited  Training Providers used during training

1.       As associates of Drumbeat Academy, we offer the following CATHSSETA and SAQA accredited courses with them acting as Training Provider:

·         Nature Guiding (NQF2 / NQF4)

·         Biome Guiding (9 biomes make you a national Nature Guide)

·         Culture Guiding (NQF4) – Provincial / National)

2.       We offer the following CATHSSETA and SAQA accredited courses through The Nature College (TNC) with them acting as Training Provider:

·         View Potentially Dangerous Game (NQF6) – training and assessment done by TNC

·         Tracking (NQF2 / NQF4) – training done by us and assessment done by TNC