Our Lecturing & Management Team


Other than our lecturing & management team, we have a full complement of support staff - like very experienced chefs, trackers, drivers, game management staff, security staff and camp staff - who play an equally important role in the success of our company.


Kjeld STéfan Krüger


Managing Director 

Campus Principal (Acting)(Campus Principal soon to be employed)

Senior Lecturer: Nature, Culture, Big 5, Linguistic, 4x4 Excursions, Sub-Sahara Africa, Instinctive Shooting, Specialist Guiding Training (Archaeology, Astronomy & Geological History, 19th Century Architecture in SA, 9 Biomes Guiding, Battlefields & SA History, Birding, Ethnical Tourism, Water-based Tourism, Wilderness Tourism).

Specialist Guide: Nature, Culture, Big 5, 4x4 Excursions, Sub-Sahara Africa, Specialist Guiding (Archaeology, Astronomy & Geological History, 19th Century Architecture in SA, 9 Biomes Guiding, Battlefields & SA History, Birding, Ethnical Tourism, Water-based Tourism, Wilderness Tourism).

Already at the age of 5, in 1963 he lost himself in nature, walking the plains and climbing the mountains of the Karoo. Now, 53 years later, he is still lost in nature and battles to find himself in any other place for too long.

He can spend hours observing and studying nature. He has found the more you can become part of trees or rocks like a statue, the more you will observe…sometimes he could almost touch the animals. His field of interest is very wide and varied, and he loves to do research.

His lecturing career started in the military in 1979, and he loves teaching. It therefore came naturally for him to get involved in training and qualifying tourist guides in 2001 as an associate of Drumbeat Academy in nature, culture and various other fields of specialization. On various occasions he was a guest lecturer for veterinary students from the USA on African nature. He is a National Tourist Guide with various specialities and has guided overseas guests extensively throughout Southern Africa.

He is a hunter turned conservationist in 2007, and he now finances various conservation-, anti-poaching and research projects. He is also involved in wildlife management. 

He is a linguist speaking various languages in varying levels of fluency. He is crazy about sport and adventure. 


Leon Steyn


Senior Operations Manager: Training Division, Tourism Division, Security 

Senior Lecturer: Nature, Culture, Big 5, Fishing, Technical & Mechanical, Tourism Business Management, 4x4 Excursions, Sub-Sahara Africa, Security, Instinctive Shooting. 

Specialist Guide: Nature, Culture, Big 5, Fishing, 4x4 Excursions, Sub-Sahara Africa.

Leon was born in South Africa in 1952. He completed his National Service in 1970 and continued to serve in the Citizen Force up to 1996 with the rank of Lt-Colonel. He started his working career with Eskom (Electrical Supply Committee of South Africa) 1978 to 1992. During this period he was involved in projects ranging from mobile instructor to head of training for security personnel of the East Rand and the Free State Province which is a large area about 50% the size of the United Kingdom.

He grew up on a farm in South Africa, and nature has been part of him since he can remember. As a side-line occupation to his work with Eskom, in his free time he also started his career in tourist guiding already in 1978 with main focus on sharing nature with his overseas guests. Tourist guiding in all its different colours has been part of Leon’s life since 1978, and in recent years he has done fishing guiding in the Big Lakes area of Uganda as well as Murchison Falls.  He has managed tourism concessions and tourism lodges in Uganda for a big tourism company for the past few years. He is a very experienced tourist guide in Big 5 areas with many years he has spent on foot in the wild parts of Africa walking with elephants, buffaloes, lions and other dangerous game. He is also an experienced fishing guide.

Leon spent four years in Saudi Arabia as head of operations security of an industrial city.

He also has practical experience in game lodge management and anti-poaching and game scout training.

He has completed various instructors courses as well as managerial courses through the University of Pretoria.

Leon has excellent managerial skills developed over 39 years as manager in different sectors in the corporate environment and in the military, and often under very challenging conditions, which make him an excellent manager who ensures Tour Guiding Leadership offers excellent service both as a training institution as well as a tour operator offering tours throughout Sub-Sahara Africa.


Jéhan Krüger


Consultant: Strategic Business Management, Tourism, Training,Development of TGL Training Systems.

Senior Guest Lecturer: Culture, Nature, Eco-tourism, Instinctive Shooting. 

Specialist Guide: Nature, Culture, Big 5, 4x4 Excursions, Sub-Sahara Africa (various on an advanced level)

A keen interest in wildlife, particularly in mammals, birds, reptiles, trees and succulents developed already in early childhood and was soon complemented by interests in geology, biogeography, animal behaviour, wildlife ecology and photography. Strong interests in mountaineering, rock climbing and kayak tours enhanced an outward bound lifestyle. His first exposure to the role of "tourist guide" dates back to university years when he coordinated and guided mountain or river excursions as member/chair of the relevant student associations and sports clubs. Years later these interests and exploits became part of his career.

After graduating at UOFS and UP he entered a career in nature conservation, wildlife management and wildlife research. His career took a turn when a few years later he entered the corporate world, first in technical capacity, but soon afterwards in commercial and management roles - leaving industry and the corporate world 20 years later as member of the executive management team of a large multinational conglomerate.

Long before leaving the corporate environment, Jehan re-entered, on a part-time basis, his beloved industries of wildlife, outdoor life and tourism, as PH, tourist guide and tour operator, and by doing feasibility investigations for cross-border, regional ecotourism ventures. By 2002 he left the corporate environment and became involved in full-time formal vocational training in the tourism and guiding sector as facilitator, assessor and moderator. He authored various course manuals and became actively involved in developing curricula, course materials and assessment instruments. He served a double (6 year) term as member of the gazetted SGB (Standards Generating Body) of SAQA, with a focus on developing national qualifications and skills programs in the tourism and especially natural resources and conservation management fields.

During the past 8 years increasing emphasis has again been on employing his corporate skills and experience as owner/shareholder or advisor in various commercial exploits. However, Jehan still has a burning passion for teaching, mentoring and sharing his knowledge and understanding of theory and practical application to learners, students (and friends alike), particularly in the spheres of nature, wildlife, tourism, guiding, overland/off-road travel, photography, and responsible natural resource management.


Dr. Johann Kotze


Consultant: Training, Tourism, Business Management, Resource Optimization.

Senior Guest Lecturer: Culture, Nature, Eco-tourism.

Specialist Guide: Culture, Nature, Eco-tourism, Big 5, 4x4 Excursions, Sub-Sahara Africa.


With a MBA and a PhD in Business Development (Environmental Economics and Development Economics  with strong focus on ecotourism development), he also studied Ecotourism at the George Washing School of Business & Public Management in the USA.  In the National Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, he was in charge of Tourism Policy Development, Tourism Development Planning and Ecotourism - he served as the senior advisor to Ministers of Tourism, Dawie de Villiers, Palo Jordan, Vali Moosa and Marthinus van Schalkwyk.  He represented South Africa at the United Nations on issues such as Sustainable Tourism. He was also the Tourism and Environmental Specialist for the Development Bank of Southern Africa. He served on National Parks Board (Southern Parks heading Financial Management and Administration)   

In short, Johann is probably the person in South Africa, who is best informed on Southern Africa tourism, in all is different colours and flavours. He is an expert in developing business systems in order to optimize resources optimally.  He is the founding member and current Director of CROP – Combined Resource Optimisation Partners (Pty) Ltd.


Being friends since Johann did his course with Kjeld in 2003, he has agreed to make himself selectively available to TGL, in his already busy programme.  He will strengthen your insight into tourism in general, business opportunities, tourism business management and tourism entrepreneurship tremendously. 


Kenneth Tumusiime (Ken)


Senior Lecturer: Swahili.

Specialist Guide: Fishing & Overlanding Tours in East Africa


Ken was born in the Bulisa District of Uganda on 12 December 1984. He obtained a Bachelor Degree in Tourism at the Makerere University in Uganda.

He also studied through the American Biographical Institute where he obtained a qualification in Tourism and Wildlife Conservation Management.

Ken has worked as a game ranger doing wildlife management, tourist guide, fishing guide as well as a lecturer for many years, amongst other lecturing in Swahili. He is an excellent communicator and is fluent in Swahili as well as various other languages in the greater Ugandan region.


He is also a member of various professional institutes in Uganda.


Vincent Nettmann


Lecturer & Facilitator: Explore the Universe and Astronomy. 


Vincent started sketching Moon maps using a self-converted rifle telescope at the early age of eight, and went on to become an accomplished selenographer (Selenography is the study, drawing and mapping of Lunar surface features). He holds a technical engineering diploma and is a qualified instrument technician, specialised in laboratory optics.

Vincent has been a longstanding member of the Johannesburg Centre of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (ASSA) and is a senior tutor of ASSA’s telescope making classes. He has built numerous telescopes from scratch.

When Vincent is not entertaining our students with his expertise and knowledge of the Universe, he presents shows at the Johannesburg Planetarium at the University of Witwatersrand and is a part-time facilitator for the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA).

Vincent provides you with an interactive and ‘edu-taining’ experience, using large, mobile telescopes. He offers telescopic stargazing, laser-guided binocular sky tours, giving illustrated astronomy talks, also on African star-lore traditions.  

He is an outdoorsman who loves nature and, when not on sky gazing safaris, enjoys hiking and bicycle touring. 


Wimpie Maree( pronounced Wimpy)


Senior Lecturer: Nature Training, Guiding in Big 5 Areas, Instinctive Shooting.

Specialist Guide: Nature, Big 5, 4x4 Excursions, Sub-Sahara Africa.


After completing two years of National Service, he was employed in the Kruger National Park as a Tourism student, with the idea to study Nature Conservation the following year.  In 1988 he enrolled at Pretoria Technikon for a National Diploma in Agriculture, after which he was employed by the Department of Agriculture and Development in Carolina which is situated in Mpumalanga.

During February of 1993 he applied for the vacant Information Officer position in Kruger National Park and was appointed on the 1st of May 1993 and started a new career in his beloved Kruger Park.  From 1995 -‘96 he completed the National Higher Diploma in Nature Conservation.

During his career as Information Officer in Skukuza, he was responsible for Bush Camps, training tour guides, creating awareness for conservation to prominent South Africans, Nature Conservation students, scholars, field guides and guides doing night drives.

It was during 1995, that he met Kjeld Krüger in Skukuza while Kjeld was participating in a Tour guide course.

During 1996 he accepted the position of Wilderness Trails Ranger at Sweni in Kruger Park and over the next four years he guided as 1st rifle guide, on foot about 2000 guests through the beautiful wilderness areas of Kruger.

In 2001 SANParks took the decision to privatise Wilderness Trails, which meant that Wimpie wouldn’t be employed by SANParks any more and he therefore decided to return to his roots in agriculture.

He is qualified as Field Guide with FGASA Level 3 and SKS Dangerous Game and Advanced Rifle Handling.

In 2009 he enrolled at the University of the Free State, and obtained a Masters Degree in Agriculture.

Presently he is employed by a multinational seed company as an agronomist and soil scientist, but is also available to TGL on a selective basis.  

Whenever he has the opportunity, he likes to explore the beautiful wilderness areas of Africa on foot, in a 4x4 or boat, and will always be a student of nature!


Isabeau Goosen


Specialist Guide. Culture.

Senior Lecturer:  Culture Guiding, Assessor-Facilitator-Moderator Training


Born and bred in the Free State, but left her footprints in many parts of the world. She loves travelling, and as a National Tourist Guide, took many tourists from especially USA, UK and The Netherlands through our beautiful country, sharing knowledge and adventure.

Currently she is a well-known facilitator, not only in the field of Tourism, but especially as a subject matter expert in the ETDP SETA, where she has presented Training Programmes throughout South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.


She is an avid reader, mostly on topics of human relationships and self-improvement. She realises the importance of health matters, nutrition and exercise. Loves nature and is happiest in the outdoors.  She is a people’s person – can relax and associate without effort with anybody: cross-culture, different levels of literacy and age.


Dr. Johannes Wessels


Campus Spiritual Father.

Senior Lecturer: Emotional Intelligence


Johannes is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the North-West University. He has been a pastor in various contexts in South-Africa and Botswana for more than two decades, and is also involved in the management of Natanjá Christian School and Natanja TVET College in Ottosdal, South Africa. He is currently a pastor at Natanja Ministries International, and focuses on counselling in the Theophostics Prayer Ministry programme, with emotional healing and emotional intelligence as focal areas. He loves teaching the youth, and has organised numerous youth camps and field trips. Johannes is a nature lover and a keen hiker, birder and amateur photographer.


Johannes is the spiritual father of our campus. He will also lecture on emotional intelligence, and the spiritual leg of Self-Mastery of the CREATE MY OWN DESTINY program.    With his 12 string guitar and deep, strong voice, be sure of some fantastic sing-songs around our camp-fires. 


Manti Laing

Senior Lecturer:  Nature

She was born a nature-lover, and has always been fascinated with animal behaviour. After completing school, she did a degree in education (BEd: Foundation Phase) at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Thereafter she pursued a BSc degree at the University of Pretoria in Zoology. During her first year she discovered her passion for entomology, hence she completed a double major in both Zoology and Entomology. Due to her fascination with animal behaviour, specifically parasitic behaviour, her BSc (Hons) was based on the parasitic relationship between the two subspecies of honeybees found in South Africa. For her MSc (Entomology) she continued her research on the parasitic relationship between the honeybee subspecies of South Africa.

Manti plan to start her PhD (Entomology) shortly.

With her strong scientific and analytic mind and a keen eye for detail, she together with her husband, Francois, are the owners of one of the top Boer Goat Studs in South Africa, with top genetic material.


She is absolutely passionate about a broad spectrum of African nature, and students will learn a lot from her. She is also a hobbyist beekeeper and amateur photographer.


Johan Erasmus


Specialist Guide: Wine Tours

Senior Lecturer: Wine Tourism, English Linguistic Training

The one element Johan has in common with everything he has done in his life is people, whether it was in journalism, advertising, teaching or tourist guiding. People naturally lead to an interest in their culture and South African culture in general and that is his passion.

Johan qualified as a nature guide as well as a culture guide for Gauteng and the Western Cape Province, the wine province of South Africa.

The Western Cape Province lies close to his heart. He has a specific interest in the Dutch East Indies Company (DEIC) and the acclaimed South African statesman, Jannie Smuts, who together with Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, dominated world politics in the first half of the 20th century.

The indigenous forests of the Southern Cape are an abiding interest. His hobby, wine, led to wine qualifications; writing a wine column for an SA Sunday newspaper, a seven-year stint in wine retail and making his own wine. Touring the Cape Wine lands is always a privilege.

Over years Johan has befriended most of the best wine estate owners and wine makers, various wine masters, whisky masters and brandy masters – this enables him to offer wine tours on a different level from most other specialist wine guides. He is also well-informed on the different wines of the other major wine producing countries, and can draw informative parallels between their wines and the South African wines. Be sure you will experience a top class wine tour with Johan.

Johan also taught English extensively in Saudi Arabia to military personnel.

Philosophy and spirituality such as Smuts’ Holism binds every day. Reading English literature and detective novels is top of the list when he relaxes. Bicycling is how he keeps fit. 




Lecturer:  Desert Biome (Richtersveld) and also Namakwaland)

Specialist Guide:  Richtersveld National Park &  Namakwaland


Conrad was born in the Kalahari, where he enjoyed his childhood years playing in the sand dunes with his friends and the Bushman children. His father was the first coloured policeman in the Kalahari.

He spent his latter school years in Namibia. After the death of his father, he joined the military forces, before he returned to South Africa.

Being a nature person at heart, he wanted to become a game ranger. But when the opportunity came to qualify as a tourist guide, he accepted the challenge.

After he qualified as a tourist guide, he started guiding in the Richtersveld National Park with distinction. In 2007 and 2008 he received the ETEYA Award as a tourist guide, and in 2008 he was selected the Welcome Awards Winner National as the Best Tourist Guide

Conrad is an expert on the Richtersveld National Park and Namaqualand. He is a people’s person, who likes to share his profound knowledge of this magnificent area with students and guests. He is a hands-on guide who will guide you to explore both the big  and small creatures and plants of this unique area.

With Conrad’s profound knowledge base, experience and commitment, and good sense of humor, you will have a fantastic and fun time with him. 


Madelaine Steyn


Manager:  Lodge, Office & Logistical Support for Training & Tourism

Madelaine was born in South Africa in 1970. She started her working career with sun International, where she held various positions within the hospitality environment and completed Sun International’s managerial courses up to an advanced level.

She has vast experience in lodge management and the training of lodge staff. She has managed lodges throughout Sub-Sahara Africa, like a 5-star Gorilla-viewing lodge in Uganda, and a lodge in the Sahara Desert, amongst others.

She has formal education through Technicon Pretoria and the Geographical Institute of South Africa. She is well-schooled in computer skills and accounting.


Madelaine is also responsible for the logistical management to ensure that everything runs smoothly both in the training division and in the tourism division. 



Johan Cronje

Wildlife Management on Reserve. Butcher. 

Lecturer: Meat Processing 

Johan is responsible for the wildlife management on the game reserve. He is a true nature person and with his inquisitive mind he continually strives to learn more about African nature. It is really an experience to spend time with him in the bush and with his well- developed observation abilities that comes from years spent in the bush, you can be sure to enjoy things others might have missed.

Johan is also an experienced butcher, and has many years’ experience working for one of the top and award-winning butcheries in South Africa. There was responsible for the processing of animal carcasses to the final products offered to the clients. He will teach the students how to dissect the carcass into all the different prime cuts, as well as how to mature, marinate and smoke meat, how to make a wide variety of sausages and many more. He will teach the student how to process venison, beef, mutton, goat, pork and chicken.

In 2009 he was the Northwest Province winner of the National Boer Sausage Competition, which says a lot about his meat processing ability.

It is also Johan’s responsibility to ensure our chefs get the best quality meat to use in their recipes when they prepare the meals of the students.


He is a hard worker and absolutely passionate about everything he is doing. He is also a very friendly person who would like to share his knowledge and experience.


Hannelie Cronje

Office Lady: Administration, Sales, Marketing


Hannelie is responsible for the administration, sales and marketing in the office of Tour Guiding Leadership. She has superb human relations and is diligent in whatever she does. She takes pride in her work and the well-being of our students is very important to her. 


Wallie Steyn


Tourist Guide. Managerial and Office Assistant


Wallie is Kjeld’s right hand man, and also assists during practical sessions with the learners, as well as to ensure the logistical support of Tour Guiding Leadership runs smoothly.

He has a diploma in agriculture, and being a farmer for more than 20 years, droughts and the scale of farming forced him to change course.

He has known Kjeld for many years. With his strong interest in tourism, in March 2015, he took up  studies in nature and culture guiding with Kjeld, and has since qualified as a tourist guide.

Wallie grew up on a neighbouring farm in our area, and he knows not only the nature of our area well, but he is also very well-informed as to things that happened in our area during the 2nd Anglo Boer War, which he learned from his father and grandfather.

He is a good administrator, and will also assist the ladies in the office with administration and filing.


 He has a very good sense of humor and be sure you are in for a good laugh when you are with him.