General Information

Any student interested to enrol on The Complete Professional Tourist Guide Program, must be able to speak English. For students with mother tongue Spanish, Italian and German, who can speak English to a certain extent, but not quite fluently, Kjeld will be able to accommodate you on this program, as he will be able to bridge the gap you might still have in understanding the learning material.

By the end of this program, you will be fluent in English as well.

It is important to note that CATHSSETA (Tourism Sector Training Authority)  demands from any new tourist guide to be able to speak at least 2 South African languages, and have a South African Identification Document / have a work permit specifically for the tourism industry. The 2 South African languages make it very difficult for a foreigner to qualify as a tourist guide in South Africa, BUT there are so many job opportunities in tourism in the rest of Africa.

Please bear in mind we have a comprehensive Language Laboratory, where you can learn to speak, other than English which you should be able to speak to come on this program, another South African Language like Afrikaans (similar to Flemish and Dutch), or else one of the black languages like Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana, Swazi, Tsonga, Northern Sotho, Southern Sotho, etc.

What we offer to foreign nationals, is to do The Complete Professional Tourist Guide Program, but we are not registering you with the South African authorities for the CATHSSETA and SAQA accredited courses  -  we offer these to you as an “Enterprise Standard” qualification and “In-House Qualification” of Tour Guiding Leadership.

At the end of the 18 months  course, you will get a Tour Guiding Leadership Certificate, and you also don’t need a work permit for South Africa to do this course, as you will not be earning a salary. 

The Complete Professional Tourist Guide Program will give you all the know-how and skills you will need to guide in various countries in Africa.

We as South Africans are very much involved in African tourism, and so could you. We are all required to adhere to the same requirements and criteria to operate in these countries. We all have to abide by the laws of other African countries, and if you are willing to go through the processes like we do, Africa is ready for you!

Allow us then not only to open up Africa for you, but also to prepare you for a beautiful career with plenty of opportunities, on a fantastic continent with friendly people and an incredibly diverse natural resources with fantastic panoramas and vistas, not to mention the spectacular sunsets in the drier western regions.

You will also be able to tick off a many new items off your bucket lists:

·         Cage diving with great white sharks (Gansbaai)

·         Help with research on the bat-eared foxes and surricates of Lindbergh Lodge    

·         Tiger-fishing on the Upper Zambezi (above the Victoria Falls)

·         Visit to the Victoria Falls

·         Ride on a mokoro in the Okavango Delta

·         Fly in a hot-air balloon in Big Five country near Hoedspruit

·         Hike the Fish River Canyon

·         Live in places where you hear the lions roar every night

·         Spend time in Big Five country, and learn to live with these magnificent creatures

·         Learn so much about all facets of African nature, its colourful people, their customs and traditions

·         Learn new languages and develop into a real linguist.

·         Make a lot of friends in Africa, who are known for its friendly, warm-hearted and caring people

·         And many more

If you have ever thought of visiting Africa, this is the opportunity. But be careful, your 18 months with us, could be the beginning of a lifetime in Africa!

Our guests regularly would say:  “Africa is like a drug. Once you have tasted the water of Africa, you will always long to come back for more.”