Culture Tourism

19th Century Architecture

Architecture is an important component of our Cultural Heritage. As a Culture Guide you will hugely benefit from this course, as you will be guiding guests to historical buildings. Architecture is very important to overseas guests and you will need to better informed to interpret and answer questions regarding these historical buildings.

During this course we focus mainly on 19th Centure Architecture:

·       The Cape

o   Church and Dorp

o   Early Cape Houses

o   Development of the Cape House

o   Cape Gables and End Gables

o   Chimney Stacks

o   Cape Town Facades

o   Doors and Windows

o   Kitchen and Kitchen Ware

o   Cape Furniture

o   Churches and Parsonages

o   Drosdy buildings

·       Beyond the Cape

o   Zuurbrak homesteads

o   Mission Stations

o   Field Sheds

o   Corbelled Buildings

o   Fortified Homesteads  &  Farm Houses – Eastern Frontier

o   1820 Settler Houses

o   Victorian Architecture

o   Drosdys, Churches and Parsonages

·       Across the Orange River

o   Early homes of the Voortrekkers

§  Rondavel

§  Hardbieshuis

§  Skerms – storerooms and kitchens

§  Kapsteilhuis

§  Churches -  Church of Vow and others