Probably the biggest lack in the accoutrement of the vast majority of young people in the tourism industry is that they don’t know how a tourism business functions and how to manage it. Those who do know and make effort with it, develop into successful tourism entrepreneurs. Those who don’t, continue to freelance or work for those who are able to successfully manage their own businesses – simple as that!

We will focus on:

·         Forms of ownership and comparisons between them

·         Developing management thinking

·         General management

·         Strategic management

·         Information management

·         Operational management

·         Purchase management

·         Price pitching, Profit planning

·         Human resources management

·         Public relations & Customer care excellence

·         Administration, Accounting and Record-keeping

·         Financial management

·         Marketing and Advertising

o   Marketing  Plan– marketing strategies, marketing mix, market segmentation

o   Marketing Superstar

o   Salesmanship

o   Things shaping customer decisions

o   How to leverage the full media range.

·         Risk management

·         Business Plan

·         Branding & Brand consistency

·         Maintaining a dynamic business

·         Opportunities – local and international

·         How to make money in tourism