Tourism in Africa

For overseas guests, there is a certain mystique to Africa. Many have misconceptions about what they could expect here, and expect to find lions roaming the city streets, no infra structure and unsophisticated people. The opposite is actually true. And to cap it all, Africa has a warm heart with friendly people.

Africa has developed tremendously economically and also with regards to infra-structure. However, there is a strong need for tourism developments. There are so many opportunities for tourism ventures, but one needs to be careful as well not to just walk into any opportunity just for the sake of the opportunity.

We grew up in Africa, and we understand Africa and its ways. We are therefore better equipped to assess the quality of opportunities, as well as potential risks.  

We focus on sub-Sahara Africa, and we will focus in detail into each country with potential for tourism, as well as different tourism ventures that could be integrated.

We will also focus on how to deal with government officials, as well as protocols when dealing with black tribal communities for tourism concessions.   

Africa is ripe for tourism and new tourism ventures.

Are you ready to take the opportunity and go for it? If yes, then join us on this program so that we can equip you to make a difference for Africa and its people!