Why Choose TGL

Our Curriculum

Our course differs from any other curriculum offering tourism or tourist guide training, in the sense that our total focus is there where the tyre hits the tar, there where it really counts as the first line of contact with the tourist – developing the tourist guide optimally with all the relevant skills that we think he/she should have in order to distinguish him/her totally from any other tourist guide and offer a strong foundation from which he/she can build a long-term career in tourism.

We are not saying the other tourism functions are not important, but what a tourist really remembers and tells his friends about, is the actual tour and how it was offered – what he/she learned on the tour that was interesting and the key person here is the tourist guide!

In  2002, when we were still training on a much more basic level, we had graduates  majoring in  tourism, (as well as students from colleges offering tourism as a qualification),  doing a nature & culture course with us. At the end of the courses, they regularly commented to Kjeld and Jéhan, what we offered to them during this course, is what they were looking for at university (and at college), and obviously didn’t find!  What we were offering at the time in 2002, versus what we are offering now, is incomparable!

Formidable Training Team

With the complement of talents and skills that we have in our training team, we have a very competent, formidable team (see OUR TEAM). The person who developed the Tourism White Paper and advised 4 Ministers of Tourism, and another who was one of the major role-players in the development of the tourist guiding qualifications serving two terms on the SGB, serve on our training team.

Accredited Training

The courses which are accredited by SAQA and CATHSSETA that we are training, we offer through either Drumbeat Academy  or  The Nature College as our training providers.  All the other non- accredited courses that we offer, are based on “Enterprise Standards” and are considered as “In-house Qualifications”.

Competencies our learners can expect to acquire

It is important to note that the aim of training tourist guides to be on the TCPTGProgram, is solely to develop top tourist guides to do tours for Tour Guiding Leadership in all its tourism programs.

When a learner finishes The Complete Professional Tourist Guide Program over 18 months, he/she will be able to:

·         Interpret as a Nature Guide on a much high level than the majority of nature or field guides in South Africa

·         Guide as a Nature Guide on a national level, being qualified as a Biome Guide for all 9 South African Biomes  

·         Guide with confidence in the presence of the Big Five and be able to interact with these animals in confrontations

·         Track with proficiency and be able to identify animals tracks

·         With all the Nature Support Qualifications, he/she will:

o   Function with much more bush savvy, much more in harmony with his/her natural environment, and know how to survive should the situation demand it.

o   Use his/her senses on a much higher level, recognize animals sounds, be effective spotting eyes and animals in their hiding places with a spotlight

o   Shoot and kill an animal instinctively as a Karamojo-style shot with pinpoint accuracy at close quarters during a charge by any member of the Big Five, should it ever be necessary

·         Interpret as a Culture Guide on a national level on a much higher level than the average guide that is guiding presently in the industry, due to the depth of all the Supplementary Qualifications that we are also offering – Anthropology, Archaeology, 19th Century Architecture, Battlefields & History, Customs &Traditions and Food & Wine

·         With all the Tourism Generic Qualifications training, the learner will be competent enough to prepare a 4 to 5 course meal for any group of touring guests, be much more proficient as a communicator and entertain his / her guests and be a super host , act as first responder in medical emergencies up to First Aid Level 3, handle conflict and complaints effectively, drive 4x4 vehicles in off-road conditions, conduct wine tastings with wine connoisseurs and rough it in the bush by camping and living in the outdoors.

·         Help himself/herself in 9 languages at various levels of fluency, focusing to be more proficient in either Spanish / Italian and German/Dutch, and the other languages on a lower level of fluency. We have a comprehensive language laboratory that is available to the learner, as well as we do a lot of practical language training, and we have Spanish-, German-, Dutch-, Italian-, French-, Chinese and Russian  speaking people visiting the campus during which the learner can practise his/her language skills.    

·         Function on a higher level with more sound business and entrepreneurial  skills , which is the biggest shortfall amongst all/most young people entering the tourism industry.

·         Through our CREATE MY OWN DESTINY Program, be able to function on a much higher level as a person with a lot more confidence and emotional intelligence. We also focus strongly  on brain development. The learner will be introduced to Mind Mapping throughout this course, as Kjeld is a Mind Mapping fanatic and specialist. Due to the high volume of work, it works much better with Mind Mapping, which will help learners to integrate, understand and remember the theory much better.  The learner will also develop into a Bush McGiver with all the problem solving skills. The learner will also develop a lot more confidence in his/her own self defence ability by learning valuable self defence techniques in Krav Maga.

·         Develop his/her technical skills by doing basic field engineering, camp construction and repairs, handle a chainsaw with confidence, be able to weld and work with an angle grinder, understand the mechanics of a diesel and petrol engine, be able to do fault-finding and do basic repairs, be able to change and fix a puncture on a tyre, and be able to skin an animal, cut it up and process the meat right into the freezer in beautiful neatly packed plastic bags.

·         With our Specialized Tourism training, the learner will be able to conduct 4x4 off-road excursions, archaeological tours, 19th century architectural tours, astronomy and geological history tours, battlefields and history tours, birding tours, ethnical tours, water-based tours, wilderness tours to the north of our borders and wine tours.      

Practical Exposure

We put a lot of emphasis on practical training. We do 3 practical tours of the 9 provinces, where we also focus on all nature aspects in more depth and also in the differences of the 9 biomes, as well as incorporate specialized tourism into the practical tours.

We are also involved in doing tourism, and our learners will be asked to assist us as support staff with both local tourists as well as our overseas guests (Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Russian and Chinese) in South Africa, Botswana or Zimbabwe, as well as on Lindbergh Lodge where we do game viewing, game trails and horse-riding tourism.

Students will have the opportunity from the outset to go with our oevrseas students every Sunday to either Pilansberg / Kimberley / Parys (Vredefort Dome) or other destinations, which will give them exposure in guiding.

We also receive film groups shooting movies and crews coming for film shoots for infomercials at Lindbergh Lodge. Based on the proficiency of our learners, we will encourage them to take guests out and thereby gain practical experience.

We are also involved in wilderness and water-based tourism in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Our learners will spend time with us in the Okavango Delta, as well as in Zimbabwe. From April 2017, we will be doing Overlanding Tours in Africa, where students will also have the opportunity to assist our very experienced Overlanding guides (16-20 years experience), as well as to see Africa.

Long-term career possibilities

Our sole aim with offering this very comprehensive 18 months training program, is to produce top tourist guides, who we will offer long-term career opportunities. Depending on the aptitude and talent of each individual tourist guide who qualify in this group, we will develop each individual optimally, to function under the TGL umbrella.

After the 5 year contract, there are long-term career possibilities with TGL. We are very open-minded, and when tourism opportunities present itself, we will definitely evaluate it. If the potential is good, and it fits in with our own vision, it will obviously be opportunities for our trained staff to become involved in as entrepreneurs, still under the TGL umbrella. We also focus strongly on tourism business management & entrepreneurship.

Bucket list experiences

Our learners can also tick off many items off their bucket lists when involved with TGL.

From August 2017, we run various bucket list tours for overseas guests and students, in various of our 9 provinces, Vic Falls in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in Africa.

Therefore, if you are adventurous at heart, this is the place to be!